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The Lyceum Group has worked closely with employers concerning issues of job task analysis, job profiling, occupational profiling, and job descriptions. Along with our affiliate, Keys2Work LLC, we have also worked closely with workforce development organizations in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, and New York. We have been involved in statewide workforce development projects in Pennsylvania as well as regional projects in partnership with the Commission for Workforce Excellence, the Southwestern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center (SPIRC), and regional school-to-career efforts through the Southwestern Pennsylvania Connection.

The projects listed here describe a broad range of workforce development services performed for both for-profit and non-profit, organizations. The Lyceum Group has worked with educational institutions, government agencies, private and publicly held companies, and economic development organizations. The same quality and attention to detail is devoted to each project no matter what the size of the client organization.

For Educational Institutions
Allegheny Intermediate Unit
Los Rios
University of Pittsburgh
Washington School District




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